Friday, December 28, 2007

Matt Knott

Katie Knott sent me these photos of her brother Matt Knott!

Matt fighting fires!

Matt with the spike bull elk he shot his first day out hunting out in Montana in October.

Old Photos Friday!

Christmas 1953!!!!

Debbie, Kay, Paula & Barb

Jackie, Kay, Debbie, Paula & Barb

Barb, Kay, Debbie & Jackie

Kay, Debbie, Rose Huss, Jackie, Mike Huss, Paula & Barb!

Kay, Jackie, Paula, Bernice, Debbie, Walt & Barb

Debbie, Mike Godsey, Barb, Paula, Sandy Godsey, Kay, Mabel Godsey & Jackie

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Old Photos Friday - Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Karen, Scott & Judy Korzenowski - 1967

Judy & Scott Korzenowski - we still have the Christmas Stocking! - 1962

Judy - 1960

Judy - 1960

Judy's cousin Patty & Judy - 1957

Christmas Morning at the Korzenowski House!
Barb looks happy!

Judy & Barry - 1957

The Forester Christmas Party - Can you find Barb, Kay,
Jackie, Debbie & Paula?

I also think that Craig Hatfield now works for the
Forester Company!

Christmas Eve - 1960
Sandy, Jon, JAckie, Kay, Jean & Bernice

Christmas Eve - 1960
Sandy, Jon, Kay, Barb & Jean

Christmas Eve - 1960
Bernice, Jackie, Paula, Grandma Alma, Walt, Debbie, Mike & Sandy

Christmas Eve - 1960
Kay, Paula, Jackie, Barb, Mike, Sandy, Jon, Jean & Debbie

Christmas Eve - 1953
Mike, Mabel & Sandy with Debbie, Barb, Paula & Kay

Christmas Eve - 1953
Barb, Paula & Kay

Christmas Day - 1972
Grandma Rose & Grandpa Mike

Barb made the Frog!

Christmas Eve - 1962
Jackie, Debbie, Barb, Jean, Sandy & Mike

One of the Trees Walt chopped down! - 1959

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Ball Fight & More Elfs!!!

Check out the Snow Ball Fight from the Olson / Edwards Family!

And Linda Huss as a Elf!

And Now we have Chuck, Sandy, Craig & Lena!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Old Photos Friday! With Santa

Brenden with a very scary looking Santa!

Ted with Santa!

Judy & Scott with Santa!

Barry with Santa - Yup it's Ted!

Judy with Santa!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Parker with Jarvis Green from the Patriots!

The Patriots 34 - Pittsburgh 13

Judy and I went to the game Sunday - Judy was a little on edge in the beginning when Tom Brady did not score on the first drive. She enjoyed herself the second half.

The nosebleed Section.
Here I am with a Pittsburgh fan on the Train with her "Terrible Bra"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Old Photos Friday!

Sledding at the Woldens!
Back Row - Jan Hundeby (Friend of Sandy’s), Jackie, Kay and Cathy Wolden
Front Row - Marybeth Wolden, Jean, Jon and Paula

Barb & Ted

Bernice at college! 1944

Judy at College - Campus Carnval!

What else - Walt Fishing!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Become an Elf or Scrooge!

Carrie Hatfield sent me her family becoming elves.

I then did a couple of other ones!

The Olson Boys

Chuck & Sandy

Gabe, Elizabeth & Anastasia

And myself as Scrooge

And if you want to do your own:



Parker turns Twelve!

Parker had his 12th birthday on Dec. 2nd.
He got this hat at Dick's Last Resort.