Saturday, August 29, 2009

September Birthdays!

Well I lied in my email that there were only four birthdays in September, there are actually seven. I got three more after my cousin, Linda Dorff (Wolden) gave me them. Of course one of them is her's.

Linda Dorff will be 48 on Spetember 5th.

Her sister, Marybeth Mahoney will be 54 on September 6th.

Melissa Korzenowski will be 45 on September 7th. She likes lots of gifts!
Don Dorff (I have no photos) will be 51 on September 9th.

Hard to believe that Brady Brookins will be 4 on September 10th.
(Notice that they they now restrain him when they give him candy.)

Richard Sundblad will be 64 on September 18th.

Newlywed Craig Hatfield will be 31 on September 21.

More Old Photos - Finally!

I finally got around to putting up more old photos.

Chub Wolden, Mike Olson and Walt Olson with their prize geese!

Cousins - Barb, Sandy, Paula, Linda, Marybeth & Cathy

Mike Olson with his Godmother and Great Aunt, Mary Jones at his First Communion.

Walt Olson and Mike Godsey

Barb and Ted Korzenowski!

Judy's Grand Parents, John and Anastasia Korzenowski with her cousins and Aunt.

Debbie Sundblad's First Communion with her Godparents, Clarence & Katy Ruether.

A Bambi Group Photo!

The Korzenowski Men!
Frank, Stan, Ray, Ted, John, Walter, Pete, Eddie & Joe

Brenden, Parker & Kyle in Palm Springs.

Disneyland in 2004!
Paris, Parker, Melisse, Karen, Kyle, Brenden, Barb, Jon & Judy

Barb Korzenowski enjoying a cold one.

Ted, Barb, Kyle, Jon, Judy, Karen, Paris, Katie, Elizabeth & Kyle at Bambi!

Dinner at Bambi!

1981 Group in Bernice's backyard!

Paula getting ready for Confirmation.

Olson relatives at Bambi!

Korzenowski Family at Bambi!

Jamie Hansen and Mark Sundblad drinking juice in 1983!

Cousins at Bambi!

Kay and her HOT Prom date!

Olson cousins again at Bambi!

Barb's Surprise Birthday Party at the Northern Inn.

Bernice, Lori, Julie and Jon in Thunder Bay in 1980!

Judy, Annie, Debbie, Jackie, Derek & Jerry at Christmas Lake in 1994.

Brenden showing U of M friends a good time!

Brenden took some visiting U of Minnesota students around Boston when they were here.
The highlight of the trip was getting their picture taken with two former U of Minnesota grads.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picking up Parker from Camp Coniston!

I drove up to Camp Coniston to pick Parker up today.
It poured rain the whole trip. Fortunately it quit before I got to camp.

Kind of gloomy at Camp!

Parker and his friend Tucker Marr.
Parker with his two counselors - Liam Pushee and Tyler Bascom.

Of course when it came time to leave - Parker was no where to be found - that was because he was saying goodbye to all the girls in the girls camp.

Kyle comes home tomorrow. Here he is with Jake Eaton who was the senior counselor in his cabin. Jake has been in a cabin with either Brenden or Kyle for the last five years.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Olson / Edward Family in California!

Deb Edwards sent me these photos from their trip to California, at least the first four. The last one was taken off of Elizabeth Abell's Facebook.

Mark & Bev Abell with Deb Edwards and Mike Olson visiting Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley.

Matt & Bev Abell with Derek, Mackenzie & Mike Olson visiting Stanford. Derek was checking the university out.

Derek even found a "Bambi" at Stanford.

The dry lake at Stanford does not bode well with Derek - Where would he fish?
Elizabeth, Mackenzie, Matt and Derek at Lake Tahoe.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Parker spotted at Camp!

Looks like Parker is happy at Camp!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kyle hard at work at Camp Coniston!

Kyle getting ready to push eight girls into the lake!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Parker off to Camp Coniston!

We dropped Parker off at Camp Coniston for his two week session. We got to see Kyle for a few minutes. He was busy with helping arriving campers with their trunks and luggage.

Friday, August 7, 2009

More pics of Kaz!

Kyle Korzenowski, the father of Kazimir sent me some more photos!

Katie with Kaz.

Gabe holding his new baby brother. He looks excited! (At least Kaz's Dad, Kyle looks excited.)

Gabe and Anastasia holding Kaz!

Kaz with his new baby sitter and sister, Elizabeth!

Mom sleeping. (Hopefully Kaz was also.)