Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandma's Marathon is today - Saturday, June 21, 2008

My cousin Sandy e-mailed me yesterday that Grandma's Marathon was this weekend and it brought back memories when we used to work the race. I worked for Honeywell at the time and we did the timing. Here is the url for the website:

Can you find Julie Olson (I think it is her), Bernice Olson, Sandy & Chuck Hatfield and of course me.

Can you find Judy and me.

Me with Grandma!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Old Photos Friday!

I just came across this photo - and it is one of my favorite photos as it brings back lots of memories. That is Bernice probably cooking either hot dogs or burgers.

Bernice and Eldred feeding the deer. I am not sure where they were - maybe Deer Town in Park Rapids.

Barb and Kay with their Aunt Beatrice, their Uncle Eldred and their Grandma Rose Huss.
Barb getting a donkey ride with her Grandpa Mike Huss and her Uncle Eldred.

More Father Day Pictures!

I came across a few more great pictures of kids and their fathers and decided that they were too good to pass up. (If you see where I did not list a name - it is because I either don't have it or don't remember it. If you send me the name - I will update the info.)

Mackenzie Olson with her dad, Mike.

Mike Blair with his sons, Stan & Kordell!

Chuck Hatfield with his son Craig.

Mike Knott with Matt & Katie.

Michael Hansen with his Dad at Bambi.

Katie Korzenowski with her Dad!

Mark Sundblad with his Dad, Richard at Bambi.

Ted Korzenowski with his daughter, Karen.

Jon enjoying a cold one with Brenden at Bambi Resort, on Big Toad Lake in Osage, Minnesota.

Glen Seela with his kids!

Ted with Karen, Kyle & Scott.

Jim Martineau with his son, Scott!

David with his Dad, Dave.

This is one of my favotite photos!
Ted enjoying a cold one with Karen, Scott & Kyle.

Lena Godsey turns 93 today!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Championship Parade in Boston!

This will be the 6th championship parade in 7 years!
(Should have been the 7th - but we won't go there.)
Judy, Kyle and I made it to the Celtics Parade today, Thursday, June 18th, 2008.
Here are some of the photos!

Kyle & Judy before the parade and crowds.

Jon & Judy waiting for the parade to start.

Paul Pirece (Playoffs MVP) having a cigar in honor of Red Auerbach.

The Celtics rode in the famous "Duck Boats".

Ex-Minnesota Timberwolf - Kevin Garnett with the NBA Championship Trophy.
Eat your heart out - Scott Korzenowski!

No one thought the Celtics could - but - We Beat LA!
(We did to them what the NY Giants did to our Patriots.)
Judy has finally gotten over losing the Super Bowl. She is counting the days til Tom Brady is back on TV.

"Lucky" the leprecon - the Celtics mascot.

Parker in the Major League All Star Game!

Parker played his last Little League game at the All Star Game on Wedneday, June 18, 2008.

Can you spot Parker? (Hint - look for the red sox & red shoes)

Linda Huss will be happy to know that Parker was a Cub this year.
He played first base.
Parker with his neighborhood friends who also made the All Stars.
Kevin Dober, Parker Olson & Tucker Marr

Marcus Sundblad on Father's Day!

Debbie & Richard Sundblad send me these photos when they visited their grandson Marcus in Moorhead, MN on Father's Day.
Marcus with his Father, Mark.
Marcus playing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I went through my collection of photos and came up with these of kids with their fathers. Hope you had a great day - I did.

Jon with his sons, Brenden, Kyle & Parker.

Eldred Huss with his daughters, Linda and Patty! Don't you just love the hat on Eldred!

Brady Brookins sleeping with his father, Bret!

Scott Martineau with his daughters, Melisse & Paris.

Mike Godsey with his daughter, Sandy. Think Sandy cleaned the fish?

Mike Huss and his son, Eldred.

Scott, Judy & Karen Korzenowski with their father, Ted at Niagra Falls!

Chuck Hatfield with his son, Craig fishing on Toad Lake.

Walt Olson with his daughter, Jackie!

Jim Hansen with his kids, Mike & Jamie.

Eldred Huss with his kids, Patty, Robert & Linda at Robert's wedding.

Mike Huss with his son Eldred and his daughter, Bernice at her first communion.

Ted Korzenowski with his son Kyle.

Kyle Korzenowski with his kids, Anastasia, Gabe and Elizabeth. Big users of sun block.

Derek Olson with his dad, Mike.

Mike Olson with his daughter, Mackenzie.

Dave Powers and his son, David.

Chuck Hatfield and his daughter, Carrie at their new resort!

Scott Korzenowski and his son Jack with their matching shorts!

Sandy Hatfield with her dad, Mike Godsey at Bambi Resort.

Walt Olson with his daughter, Kay.

Judy Korzenowski getting a ride from her dad, Ted.

Debbie with her dad, Walt Olson.

Mark Sundblad with his son Marcus.

Robert Huss and his sons, Joseph & Michael.

Walt Olson with his son, Mike.
That's it!
I know that I missed a couple of you - if you have a photo of you and your dad - send them to me and I will add them.