Saturday, February 9, 2008

Katie & Matt Knott in Malaysia!

Katie & her brother Matt Knott are enjoying a vacation in Malaysia. They climbed Mt Kinabalu (13, 500 feet) which is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia. It was a two day climb. They bedded down in a bunk house overnight at 11,000 ft and left at 2:45 am the next morning to get a look at the sun rising from the top of the mountain. Matt is there until February 12th and Katie is there until February 15th at which time she makes her way back to Iraq to finish up her last 6 months!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Old Photos Friday - "World's Largest"

If you have any photos you have taken of the "World's Largest"
anything - send them to me and I will add them to this collection.
I know I am missing one with Derek & Kyle with "Lucette", Paul Bunyon's girlfriend in Hackensack, MN.

Below are some websites with more fun photos of the "World's Largest".

Paul Bunyon & Babe the Blue Ox - Bemidji, MN
Parker, Kyle, Judy and Jon

Dinosaur - Disneyworld
Kyle, Parker & Brenden

Dinosaur - Wall, South Dakota
Judy, Parker & Kyle

Black Bear - Northome, MN
Kyle, Parker & Judy

Black Duck - Black Duck, MN
Kyle, Parker & Judy

Corn Palace - Mitchell, South Dakota
Parker, Judy & Kyle

Shark - Water Country, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Jillian Lenson, Brenden & Kyle

Crazy Horse Statue - Black Hills, South Dakota

Indian - Wolf Trading Post, Bemidi, Minnesota

Ant - Disneyworld
Kyle, Parker & Brenden

Turkey - Frazee Minnesota
Brenden, Parker & Kyle

Pelican - Pelican Rapids, Minnesota
Parker, Brenden & Kyle

Sea Horse - Mattapoisett, Massachusetts
Kyle, Brenden & Parker

Loon - Vergas, Minnesota
Brenden, Kyle & Parker

Prairie Dog - Cactus Flats, South Dakota

Cow Teets - New Salem, North Dakota

Holstein Cow - New Salem, North Dakota
Judy, Parker & Kyle

Buffalo - Jamestown, North Dakota
Kyle, Parker & Judy

Jackalope - Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota

Paul Bunyon - Akeley, Minnesota
Kyle, Brenden & Parker

Tiger Muskie - Nevis, Minnesota
Jon & Judy

St. Urho - Menaga, Minnesota
Brenden, Parker & Kyle

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kyle breaks 5 Minute Mile

Kyle finally broke the 5 minute mile on Friday, February 1, 2008. His time was 4:59:50.
Now he needs to work on breaking the 4 minute mile!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Old Photos Friday - Ted, Eldred & Walt in the Army!

Ted - August 1947

Eldred at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
December, 1945

Bill Piechowski, Walt & Frank Jacoby

Walt in Spain????


April 1945