Friday, November 28, 2008

Marcus Sunblad's First Birthday!

Deb Sundblad sent me these photos of her grandson Marcus' first birthday party in Moorhead, Minnesota!

Several relatives turned out for Marcus' first birthday.
Front - Tina, Marcus, Jean Knott, Barb Olson & Annie Sundblad
Back - Tom Sunblad, Mark Sundblad, Debbie Sundblad & Richard Sundblad

Marcus' birthday cake with his parents.

Marcus with his uncle Tom Sundblad.

Marcus enjoying one of his gifts - a truck!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Julie and Mike in Alaska!

Mike Blair recently sent me this photo of he and Julie this pas summer with their dogs on their deck at their cabin in Alaska!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kay, Jackie, Julie & Katie in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Kay Seela and Mike Blair sent me these photos of their trip this fall to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with other Olson family members.

Katie Knott, Kay Seela, Julie Olson, Jackie Sypnieski and a "Teddy Bear."

Julie & Jackie

Mike Blair kissing a parrot!

Dani (a friend of Katie's) and Katie enjoying the warm weather.

Julie on a sailboat!

Mike Blair and Julie enjoying a couple of brews.

Jackie & Jerry Sypnieski feeling no pain.

Jerry on a nude beach getting hosed down.

So how many Margaritas do you think they had?

The girls all dressed up!

Katie Knott, Mike Blair, Julie Olson, Jerry & Jackie Sypnieski and Kay & Glen Seela.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Katie Knott's Welcome Back from Iraq Party!

Lori Wilson sent me these photos from Katie Knott's Welcome back from Iraq Party held over the Labor Day weekend at Jackie & Jerry's in Fridley, Minnesota.

Katie Knott enjoying real food - Fried Chicken!

Dan Wilson playing grill master.
Jackie Sypnieski and Jean Knott

Jerry and Jackie Sypnieski

Dan Wilson and Jerry Sypnieski trying to pick out a gift for Katie.

Jackie Sypnieski and Lori Wilson (Lori loves to be in photos.)

3 unknowns in chairs with Annie & Debbie Sundblad enjoying the sun!

The Outlaws build a Shed!

My sister Lori Wilson sent me some photos from the end of July where Jerry Sypnieski and Richard Sundblad helped Dan Wilson build his new shed in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Too bad they don't live out here as I have lots of projects which I could use their help on.

My sister Debbie bringing them lunch - Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Dan Wilson, Richard Sundblad and Jerry Sypnieski with their imitation of "Home Improvement." Beware of men with tools!

Lori Wilson's dog - Mallie!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Derek Olson bags a 10 point Buck!

Derek, Mike Olson, David Powers and David Olson went deer hunting the weekend of November 7th. Derek bagged the 10 point buck near Detroit Lakes

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Parker's Final XC Race for the Year!

The Newton All City Race was held Nov. 3rd, 2008. The Boys team from Parker's school, Oak Hill took 1st place again. Parker took 7th place.

Allen Shiu (our next door neighbor) and Parker.

Parker getting ready to cross the finish line.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Derek at State Soccer Championship Game

Derek Olson's High School Team - St. Louis Park in the State Championship game against Osseo but came up short losing 4-1, Oct. 30th.
That is Derek on the right in the orange jersey.

Halloween 2008

A beautiful night in Newton for Halloween. My theme this year for my pumpkins was the movie "Batman, the Dark Knight."

Here is Judy and Parker - "the Official Love Machine."