Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter at Camp Coniston!

When Brenden and Kyle were home for Christmas, they visited Camp Coniston! (I think they would have liked to have stayed there.)

The entrance to Camp Coniston.
Brenden with his mates at Camp: Tommy, Jackie and John.

The Crew outside the office!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

January Birthdays!

The month with the fewest birthdays - just two!

Tom Sundblad turns 26 on January 30th.
And Kyle Korzenowski will be 44 on January 31st! Did you know he was named after Kyle Nash, a character in the TV series, "Please don't eat the daisies!"

Christmas Eve in Newton Center, MA!

This year we spent Christmas Eve with the Lewis and the Berkeley/Peterson families.

We do clean up once in a while.
One side of the table: Rita Berkeley, Julia Lewis, Duncan Peterson (It was his 50th Birthday), Brenden, Judy and Sam Peterson.

The other side of the table: Kyle, Chris Lewis, Jon, Debbe Lewis and Parker.

Christmas Eve in Fridley

Jackie Sypnieski sent me these pictures of how much snow they have.

Jackie out shoveling - I guess Jerry was inside watching TV.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Birthdays!

Ten Birthdays for December!

Parker with one of his Uncles! Parker turns 15 on December 2nd.

On December 3rd, Anna (Frontczak) Ketchem turns 37.

Jackie will be the "Big 60" on December 11!

Mike Hansen will be 23 on December 14th.

Jonathan Papelbon from the Red Sox isn't the only one who knows how to wear a beer box!
Jon Olson turns 55 on December 18th.

Kyle and his harem from Camp Consiton!
He will be 19 on December 18th.

On December 19th, Julie Olson will be 49.
Gavin Bennett will be 5 on December 24th. (Photos would be appreciated.)

Ann Sunblad will be 24th on Christmas Day!

And the last Birthday in December goes to Aiden Bennett who will be 6 on December 29th.
(Photos would be appeciated.)

Thanksgiving 2010!

Most Thanksgivings we get up and run a Turkey Trot 5K. Since it was not raining or snowing, we got up and ran teh Volvo Thanksgiving 5K in Brighton, MA.

Parker and Kyle were forced to watch Judy and I run.

Jon about to finish with a time of 27:42. Judy beat me again with a time of 26:58.

All the runners after the race. We are with our friends the Kellys (Bill, Liz, Zach and Abbey) and Robin Fabiano.

Later that day we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends the Keatings.
I bring the turkey and they do everything else. Judy was happy as the Patriots won.

Marcus Sundblad Birthday!

Debbie Sundblad sent me these photos of her grandson Marcus' 3rd Birthday Party.

The Birthday Cake!

Marcus opening gifts!
Marcus with his new jeep!