Friday, December 3, 2010

December Birthdays!

Ten Birthdays for December!

Parker with one of his Uncles! Parker turns 15 on December 2nd.

On December 3rd, Anna (Frontczak) Ketchem turns 37.

Jackie will be the "Big 60" on December 11!

Mike Hansen will be 23 on December 14th.

Jonathan Papelbon from the Red Sox isn't the only one who knows how to wear a beer box!
Jon Olson turns 55 on December 18th.

Kyle and his harem from Camp Consiton!
He will be 19 on December 18th.

On December 19th, Julie Olson will be 49.
Gavin Bennett will be 5 on December 24th. (Photos would be appreciated.)

Ann Sunblad will be 24th on Christmas Day!

And the last Birthday in December goes to Aiden Bennett who will be 6 on December 29th.
(Photos would be appeciated.)

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