Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kyle spotted on Camp Coniston Website!

Everyday Judy and I check out the Camp Coniston website to see if any of our kids pics are posted. The one below was posted yesterday.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July Birthdays!

Eleven Birthdays in July!

Derek Kethcum turns 37 on July 1st!

His daugher, Sydney Ketchum will be 8 on July 13th. Glad to see she is a Bruin's fan!

Elizabeth Korzenowski also has a birthday on July 13th. She turns 15.

On July 16th, Katie Knott will be celebrating her 33rd Birthday!

Another birthday on July 16th is Joseph Huss'.

he will be 18.

Jack "Wild Man" Korzenowski turns 20 on July 19th.

Paula Hansen will be 58 on July 20th!

Brenden Olson will be celebrating his 23rd Birthday on July 21st.

Robert Huss in his Hawaiian Shirt will be 47 on July 25th.

On July 29th, Deb Edwards will be 53!

And the youngest relative of ours is Kaz Korzenowski who will be 2 on July 30th!

Lori and Dan at Country Fest!

Dan Wilson sent me these photos. he and Lori attended the Country Fest on June 26th.
Every year he gets VIP tickets and never invites me to go with!

Lori and Dan

Lori and Dan with Josh Turner! They asked if his band could play up at Two Inlets Resort in August.

Bucky Covington from American Idol Season 5.

Clay Walker

Landy Antebellum (Dan's Favorite Act!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mike and Derek in Alaska Fishing!

Deb Edwards sent me this photo of Mike and Derek and their two new friends with the fish they caught in Alaska. Deb is not in the photo as she was busy cleaning the fish they caught the day before.

Here is Derek hiking!

Beach Day!

While Brenden was out here - he had to go to the beach - so that is what we did. We ended the day by going to Woodman's for lobster.

Camp Coniston Celebrates 100th Anniversary!

Camp Coniston held a 100th Anniversary Celebration June 17-19.
Brenden camp back for it.

The Camp!

The Boys Waterfront.

Kyle, Parker and Brenden

Possible Christmas Photo!

Brenden with his old crew!
Brenden, Katie Arnold, Tommy Tessier, Jillian Lenson, Katie Schmidt & Kevin Cooper-Smith

Tommy, Coop and Brenden

Coop, Tommy, Jacquie and Brenden

Kyle having to work the climbing tower.

Brenden, Coop & Tommy sailing.

Judy and Parker Sailing!

Jon and Judy Sailing.

Brenden with other camp alumni.

Another possible Christmas Photo.

The two Kyle Counselors at Camp Coniston!

Parker and Judy

As we were leaving camp - we came across this snapping turtle.

Another Championship in Boston!

It has been a fun time out here in Boston. No one out here thought the Bruins would win the Stanley Cup - but they did. The last time they won - was 1972. Brenden and Kyle in their travels - always tell us that everyone hates Boston because they win all the time. And I guess that is true. In the last seven years we have won the Superbowl, the World Series, The NBA Champoionship and the Stanley Cup.

The last time we had won was 1972 with the help of this man, Bobby Orr, who now has a statue!

During the palyoffs, the city decorated all the major Statues in Bruins jerseys.

Here are the Ducks from "Make Way for Ducklings".

George Washington Statue in the Boston Commons

The State House!

Paul Revere Statue

Downtown Boston

Driving the Stanley Cup around the North End in a Stroller.

Boston always hold a parade when we win a championship. The Bruins parade was the largest one yet - over 1.5 million people showed up.

The next day they paraded the Bruins at a Red Sox Game.

The Bruins throw out the first pitch!

Judy even let me get a few tatoos!

Judy even got into watching the Bruins and would get dressed up to watch every game!

Jack and Melissa Korzenowski came out for the parade and got in the spirit!