Monday, June 6, 2011

Baseball on Saturday!

Both Judy and I got a text message from Brenden with the photo below saying he was in Kansas City. So based on the photo - I assumed he was there for work because why else would anyone send their parents the photo - right? Well I was wrong he was there to see the Twins play Kansas City.

He finally did send a group of his friends at the game. The Twins won 7-2.

I wonder if they got their picture on ?

And in Boston - Judy decided to go down to Fenway Park and see if we could get some tickets from a scalper. We did - and actually less than face value. When we got in side - they were in the shade - so we had to move to the bleachers so Judy could sun bathe.

As it turns out - I left after the 11th inning to go home and start grilling supper. Kyle and Judy left after the 13th. After 14 innings teh Red Sox finally won 9-8.

And I just came across this photo on the Camp Coniston Site. Kyle was at a Red Sox game with his friend Kyle from Camp. They obviously had better seats than we did.

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