Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl XL II

Are you as excited as Judy is that the Patriots are once again in the Super Bowl - probably not but you should be. The Patriots have many connections to other parts of the US - Michigan, Minnesota, Florida and New York. I know - I know - there is no connection to Colorado - so I guess Julie, Kay and Paula will not be cheering for the Pats. But the rest of you should!

See - Tom Brady is a New York Yankees Fan!

Laurence Maroney played at the University of Minnesota!

Tom Brady was a quarterback at the University of Michigan.

You all know where Randy Moss played most of his career!

Wes played for the Miami Dolphins! - So come on Karen and Scott - cheer for us.

Yes - Judy was excited about us being 18-0.

Judy did get to meet Tom recently. Watch out Gisele Bundchen. Should I be worried?

This is the photo I sent the Ellen show. She is sending a Pats fan to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately she did not pick Judy.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ice Fishing with Uncle Mike on Lake of the Woods!

Mike Olson took his son Derek & Brenden ice fishing on Lake of the Woods this past weekend.
The high temperature for the day was -15.
Rumor has it that Mike's wife Deb Edwards was upset that she did not get to go.
Judy kept text messaging Brenden the score of the New England game.

The blue snowmobile - pretty nice transportation to and from the fish house!

Derek with his catch!

Mike with his catch!

Brenden with his catch.
You don't suppose that all three of them are holding the same fish!

Monday, January 21, 2008

New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

It wasn't a pretty win but it was a win. Pats 21 - Chargers 10
Judy opted out going to the game because she was too nervous - I think it was the cold.

So Kyle, Parker, Ken Donoghue (a friend who was really happy to go) braved the cold and watched them go 18-0.

We even got our picture up on the Jumbotron!

Ken Donoghue, Jon, Kyle & Parker!

Parker & Kyle!

The award ceremony.

Check out these fun videos on You Tube!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Old Photos Friday! (Well most of them are!)


Kyle Korzenowski showing off his fish!

Bret Brookins showing off his Fish!

Bret attemptiing to show his son Brady how to fish!

Kyle Olson with his Northern!

Jack Korzenowski & Bret Brookins paying homage to their catch of the day!

Scott Korzenowski with his wife Melissa's new earrings!

The "Going Straight to Heaven Award" goes to Dave Powers for taking Parker fishing!

Mike Olson attempting to bribe his wife Deb Edwards to clean his fish!

The Fishing Guide with his students!

Mackenzie Olson, Elizabeth Abell, Kyle Olson, The Fishing Guide - Mike, Derek Olson

Mike Olson with just another stringer of fish.

Parker anxiously waiting his turn for Uncle Mike to put another worm on the line.

Mike Olson with Brenden Olson & Derek Olson showing what you catch if go at 5:30 am.

Mike Hansen & Brenden Olson trying to impress the lady folks with their catch!

Brenden Olson & Derek Olson

Someone, Walt Olson & Someone else!

Eldred Huss, Mike Huss, George Jones & Bernard Jones with their Fish!

Mike Huss with his fish! He used to like to catch Bullheads!

Chuck Hatfield, Bret Brookins & Craig Hatfield fishing on Toad Lake!

Brenden with his big Northern on his 15th Birthday!
With him are: Parker, Kyle & Derek!

Kyle Korzenowski with his catch!

Ted Korzenowski with his catch!

Walt and Buddies!

Walt and Buddies again.

The second from the left is Bill Piechowski (my God Father).

And yet another picture of Walt and his buddies.

Must have been a big deal as 3 pictures were taken.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Derek Ice Fishing!!!!

Looks like fun!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pats do it again!!!!!!

I know - I know - Everyone outside of New England hates the Pats! Brenden says he gets hate mail at school. Of course his roommate is from Milwaukee and a Packers Fan.
Brenden and I had a fun time watching them beat the Jags 31 - 20.

By the way we all now have Pats Jerseys - I got a Moss # 81 jersey for my birthday, Judy has a pink Tom Brady #12 one (She sleeps in it.), Brenden has Maroney #39 (The U of M connection), Kyle has Vrabel #50 and Parker has a Brady #12 one.
Also - click on the fun video 16-0

Friday, January 11, 2008

Old Photos Friday!

Let it Snow!

Ted & his sister Helen. 1937

Bernice & Alice - whoever Alice is?

Jean and Jon in Tracy drinking! 1976

Bernice & Kitty McDonald shoveling snow at 622 10th St. South, Moorhead - Feb 1943

Mike & Rose Huss with an unknown woman.

Walt and a dog.

Bernice and her fur coat! 1944

The Friedsam Clan - Mary, Rose, Gertie & Ed

I think the woman on the left is Rose - the other one - anyone know?

Judy skiing with those glasses with the fake nose & eye brows!

And my favorite snow picture!
Alma Olson out for a power walk in the winter.
Sandy kind of looks like her!