Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May Birthdays!

We now have two birthdays in May!

Steph Sommers will soon be part of the family. (She is marrying Craig Hatfield on June 27th.)
She will be 31 on May 2nd! (Notice - in the photo she is getting ready to go fishing!)
Matt Knott turns 28 on May 4th!

Brenden and his Date!

Brenden and his date, Ashley Bergren at an SAE event!

Brenden at the Brookins for Easter!

Brenden went to Carrie and Bret Brookins for Easter!
Sandy Hatfield, Brenden Olson, Will Brookins and Chuck Hatfield on Easter!
Also check out the Brookins Blog for more photos!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter pictures from the past!

I came across some more old Easter photos!

Matt Knott wearing his "Steve Urkel" glasses.

Anastasia and Elizabeth Korzenowski in 2000!
I wonder if the rabbit is real?

Elizabeth and Anastasia Korzenowski (now with living rabbits) in 2003.

Judy, Kyle and Brenden with the Easter Bunny at the Franklin Zoo.

Kyle (Batman pajamas) and Brenden (Spiderman pajamas) with their Easter Baskets in 1995.
Doesn't Kyle look happy!

Parker Olson's first Easter in 1996. Guess who ate all his candy?

Parker, Kyle and Brenden on Easter morning.

Spring Break!

Brenden recently was on Spring Break in Panama City, Florida with some of his SAE brothers.
Since Panama City is near where his Grandma, Barb Korzenowski and his Aunt & Uncle, Karen and Scott Marineau live - he visited them.

That's Brenden on the lower left of the picture.

The view from his balcony!

Playing beirut (beer pong) on the beach!

Brenden with his 3 roommates!

Brenden in the Green Suit trying to get a date on the beach!

Yup - that's me on Spring Break in 1976 in Ft. Lauderdale!

I was the same age that Brenden is now. Kind of scary!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Birthdays!

Lots of Birthdays in April! Three on April 13th!

Derek Olson turns 17 on April 13th! His waterskiing has improved greatly since this photo was taken.

Yes - Judy Korzenowski does own a mink coat!
She will be 52 on April 13th.

Barb Korzenowski enjoying Florida. She turns 79 on April 13th.

Scott Korzenowski opening presents at his 5th birthday party. He turns 49 on April 17th.

Chuck Hatfield with his famous hat at Bambi. I wonder what ever happened to it?
Chuck will be 64 on April 22nd.

Mike Olson turns 51 on April 24th.

Anastasia Korzenowski celebrates the big "10" birthday on April 27th.