Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Birthdays!

Eight Birthdays in April!

We start out with the first of the four on April 13th, Barb Korzenowski who turns 82!

The 2nd one on April 13th, is her daughter and my wife, Judy Korzenowski, who turns 55!

And the 3rd birthday on April 13th is Derek Olson who turns 20!

And the fourth April 13th Birthday is Tina Volden. She will be 30!

Scott Korzenowski will be 51 on April 17th!

On April 22nd, Chuck Hatfield turns 67!

The dashing guy in the above photo turns 54 on April 24th!

And the last birthday in April belongs to Anastasia Korzenowski who turns 13 on April 27th!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Parker in Nursury School!

Someone recently sent Judy this picture of when Parker was in Nursury School. He has to have been three at the time.

Fight Night!

On March 10th, Parker and I joined 5 of his friends and their Dad's for "Fight Night" a fund raiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Newton. Parker and I had attended last year and had a great time so we decided to invite his friends. There were 12 fights, three rounds each. Three of the fighters were women. One of Parker's friends boxes at the club that provided the boxers - Nonantum Boxing Club.

Parker's Friends: David Kennedy, Michael Shale, Parker, Zac Davidson & David Kasten

Sponsors had their name paraded around in the ring.

Judy in New Orleans!

Judy was in New Orleans at the beginning of March for a Century 21 Convention. These are the only two photos she brought back. I guess what happens in New Orleans stays in New Orleans!

Judy with JR Martinez who won Dancing with the Stars. He was one of the speakers.

Wolf Shot in Detroit Lakes!

Brenden sent me this photo which he claims is real.

The wolf supposedly killed two horses. If any of you can verify the story - let me know.

Easy way to get a deer!

Jerry sent me these photos in March. A deer was spotted in his back yard. It had a broken leg.

Do Jerry called the cops. He should have called Mike Olson.

The cops came and attempted to shoot the deer. They missed on the first shot.

They even had spectators. If you want some venison - see Jerry.

Jackie with new Wig!

Jackie sent me this photo. She is sporting her new wig!

I was hoping she would get a pink one.