Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December Birthdays!

8 Birthdays in December!

Parker Olson will be 16 on December 2nd and will be old enough to get his driving permit.

Anna Ketchum turns 38 on December 3rd.

Jackie Sypnieski in the smart vest will be 61 on December 11th.

On December 14th, Mike Hansen will be 24.

Do they even make dickies anymore? Jon will be 56 years old on December 18th.

Kyle Olson turns 20 on December 18th. Only one more year before he can have a beer.

Julie sucking on a Slow Poke turns the big "50" on December 19th.

And on Christmas, Ann Sundblad will be 25!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Olson/Korzenowski family celebrated Thanksgiving with running a Turkey Trot 5K again.
Brenden and his girlfriend Dani even ran one in Minneapolis. Brenden ran it in 19:44 and Dani around 29 minutes. As for our times, Kyle ran it in 22:22 and took 146th, Judy ran it in 26:03 and took 333rd and I ran it in 27:01 and took 402nd. There were over 1200 runners.

Before the race. Parker did not run as he is hurt.

Our friends, the Kellys run it every year with us.

Kyle just before the finish line.

Bringing up the rear - slow poke me.

After the race - Bill Kelly, Jon, Judy and Kyle.

Later that day we spend Thanksgiving with our friends the Keatings.
Jon, Kyle, Judy, Julia, Parker, Steve, Jack, Will and Mary

Deb Edwards sent me this photo. Brenden stopped by on Thanksgiving.
Derek Olson, Brenden Olson & Mackenzie Olson

Katie & Matt visit Kay & Glen in Colorado

Kay sent me these photos of when Katie and Matt visited them recently. Katie was out there for two weeks of training.
Katie Knott, Matt Knott & Kay Seela
Katie Knott, Matt Knott & Glen Seela

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Weekend of Running!

Both Anastasia Korzenowski and I ran 5Ks on Sunday, November 13, 2011.
She ran as part of a club team called"Storm" at the Nike Cross Heartland Race in Sioux Falls, SD. She placed 5th with a time of 19:49. Her team placed first.

I ran the Boys and Girls Club Crawl 5k in Newton. My time was 26:44. I placed 53rd overall and 5th in the Men's 50 to 60 Age Group.

The scoreboard from the Nike race.

The "Storm" XC Team. Anastasia is the short one.

Ellen & Joey Biotti, friends from my YMCA Boot Camp class and me.

Ellen placed first in her age group and Joey placed 2nd.

Brenden in North Dakota!

Brenden has sent a few photos of his adventures in Cavalier, ND.

This is where he works. He probably has the only Massachusetts license plate in the whole state.

This is where he lives - lower apartment on the right.

This is where he golfs - Cavalier Country Club. He says it is pretty nice.

He has even had people come and visit. Dani - his girlfriend has been there twice.

And a camp friend who lives in Bismarck - Joey Wheelen.

When Dani was there, they went to Grand Forks to see UND play BC in Hockey at the famous Raplh Engelstad Arena. It is the most expensive hockey rink in the world. BC beat Michigan State and UND.

Parker on Bar Stool Sports!

Parker is now on Bar Stool Sports!

Check him out:


Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend of Running!

Lots of people running this weekend. On Saturday, Nov. 5th, Anastasia Korzenowski ran in the Minnesota State High School Cross Country Championships (4K) and placed 30th with a time of 15:04.90.

You can watch the race at:

Also on Saturday, Parker was in the Massachusetts Coaches Invitation Sophomore Race (5K) and unfortunately got hurt and did not finish.
You can watch the race (yes he is in it) at:

And lastly on Saturday, Katie Knott ran and Jackie Sypnieski walked the Bear Tracks 5K. Katie's time was 26.57 and was 37th out of 190. It was personal best. Jackie's time was 55:27 and she placed 188th.

On Sunday, Nov. 6th, Jon and Judy ran the Charles River Center 5K in Needham, MA. Judy placed 70th out of 306 with a time of 26:34. Slow poke Jon placed 89th with a time of 28:05.

Below are pics!

Anastasia pulling ahead.

Anastasia on the far right.

The last known photo of Parker at the Coaches Invitational Race.

Katie and Jackie

Katie Knott

Judy, Max Kelly and Jon before the race. Max goes to Charles River Center.

Judy, Max, Liz and Bill Kelly

Photo of us before the race.

Bill Kelly and Jon

The best part of the race was that Sam Adams served beer after it!

Brenden's First Deer!

Brenden wanted to go deer hunting this fall and took gun training. This led to getting a deer rifle which led to him getting his first deer - an eight point buck. Thanks go to his Uncle Mike Olson, Uncle Dave Powers and his cousin, David Olson.

More Photos from Camp Consiton!

Camp Coniston posts new pictures every day - some from the present and some from the past. Below are some recent ones.

Brenden at Camp Coniston in 2005 either as a CIT or a LIT.

Brenden as Indiana Jones from a few years back.

Kyle in the blue paint in a Avatar skit.

Brenden from a "Where's Waldo?" skit. He has no recollection of doing it.
But that is him on the left.

Kyle at Chapel!

Brenden with his CIT group at the Centennial Celebration.

Judy and I at the Centennial Celebration.

Matt and Kyle in a skit.

Can you locate Parker at Chapel?

Kyle with his friend Zach Kelly (Red Sweatshirt) from a long time ago.