Monday, November 7, 2011

More Photos from Camp Consiton!

Camp Coniston posts new pictures every day - some from the present and some from the past. Below are some recent ones.

Brenden at Camp Coniston in 2005 either as a CIT or a LIT.

Brenden as Indiana Jones from a few years back.

Kyle in the blue paint in a Avatar skit.

Brenden from a "Where's Waldo?" skit. He has no recollection of doing it.
But that is him on the left.

Kyle at Chapel!

Brenden with his CIT group at the Centennial Celebration.

Judy and I at the Centennial Celebration.

Matt and Kyle in a skit.

Can you locate Parker at Chapel?

Kyle with his friend Zach Kelly (Red Sweatshirt) from a long time ago.

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