Saturday, November 26, 2011


The Olson/Korzenowski family celebrated Thanksgiving with running a Turkey Trot 5K again.
Brenden and his girlfriend Dani even ran one in Minneapolis. Brenden ran it in 19:44 and Dani around 29 minutes. As for our times, Kyle ran it in 22:22 and took 146th, Judy ran it in 26:03 and took 333rd and I ran it in 27:01 and took 402nd. There were over 1200 runners.

Before the race. Parker did not run as he is hurt.

Our friends, the Kellys run it every year with us.

Kyle just before the finish line.

Bringing up the rear - slow poke me.

After the race - Bill Kelly, Jon, Judy and Kyle.

Later that day we spend Thanksgiving with our friends the Keatings.
Jon, Kyle, Judy, Julia, Parker, Steve, Jack, Will and Mary

Deb Edwards sent me this photo. Brenden stopped by on Thanksgiving.
Derek Olson, Brenden Olson & Mackenzie Olson

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