Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Birthdays!

Four birthdays in October!

Scott Martineau turns 49 on October 1st!

Lori Wilson will the big "50" on October 10th.

Katie Korzenowski will be celebrating her 42nd birthday on October 11th.
On October 29th, Betsy Dorff will be 20!

Dan Wilson goes Ski Diving!

Dan Wilson sent me these photos. He got the opportunity to go Ski Diving on Sept. 25 in Wissota, Wisconsin about 8 miles from where they lived.

Brenden & Kyle at College Football Games!

Kyle and Brenden sent us these photos while attending college football games this summer.

Kyle sent us this photo of Purdue stadium. We are going out to Purdue for homecoming on Oct. 16. They play Minnesota.
Brenden sent us this photo when Minnesota played USC.

Brady celebrates Birthday and gets a visit at School!

Brady's Mom, Carrie sent me this photo of Brady taken on his birthday, Sept. 10.

Brady's school got a visit from TC Bear!

First Day of School!

Parker started High School September 7th.

Parker and Zac at Good Harbor!

Parker and his best friend Zac Davidson at Good Harbor Beach in September.

Brenden and Kyle Korzenowski in Ely

So after Camp - Brenden flies back to Minnesota and spends the weekend with his uncle Kyle Korzenowski and his friend Wendell to go fishing in Ely.

Brenden sent me this photo of Fall Lake in Ely taken when he arrived up there.

This is the prize for going fishing in Ely - a 24 lb Northern.
It bit Wendell when he tried to get it in the boat. They never did get it in the boat.

Brenden at Camp Coniston

Brenden actually got to work at Camp Coniston this summer - if only for a week.
He worked in between his internship in Iowa and starting his new job at CHS in St. Paul.

North End Festivals!

There are religious festivals every weekend in July and August in the North End of Boston. We always try to get down for a few as they are really fun. They have a parade where they hall around statues and people pin dollar bills on the ribbons. We took Parker to one back at the end of July.

This band kept marching around with the lady in the wheel chair following it.

Parker found the car he wants. We kept telling people to get away from our car.

Parker and Judy after pinning dollar bills on the ribbons.

This is what it looks like in the streets. If you ever visit us in the summer - we will take you there.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Harbor Beach!

While Brenden was home - he was visited by his roommate from college, Joel's girlfriend, Chelsea. She lives in New York City. She brought along a friend, Kim who also went to the U of M. We met them at our favorite beach - Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester. It was nice and warm and the waves were great for boogie boarding - which I was able to do - even with my sore ankle.
Good Harbor Beach - the island in the background is called Salt Island and you walk out to it when the tide is low.

Jon, Brenden, Judy and Parker

Kim, Brenden & Chelsea. You can tell Kim is not a native New Englander as she did not pack a swim suit.

The girls enjoying the warm weather!

Kyle is at Purdue!

Kyle is finally at Purdue! Brenden, Parker and I drove his stuff to Indiana on Saturday, August 21. Judy and Kyle flew out on the 22nd. And he started classes on the 23rd.
His new address is:
Kyle OlsonPurdue University
Owen Hall
1160 West Stadium Avenue
Room 235
West Layfayette, IN 47906

The red dot is where Kyle's dorm is.
A pic of the campus.

The World's Largest Drum.

The 3 boys outside Kyle's dorm.

Judy and Kyle in his dorm room. Judy loved Purdue as they had a Dairy Queen on campus.

There were quite a few rather large frats on campus. Brenden visited the SAE house.
One of them had a giant slip and slide - where 10 people could go at once. Judy wanted to stop and join the party.

Camp Coniston this Summer!

Finally getting around to posting pictures from this summer. The following are photos of the kids at camp. Kyle worked there as a counselor all summer, Parker attended the fourth session for two weeks as a camper and Brenden got asked to work a week while he was out back east.
The girl's water front.

Kyle (I think this one was taken at camp.)

Kyle with a bunch of counselors.

I will let you guess which one is Kyle. Hint - he has a wetsuit on.

Kyle with his cabin mates - Any Shafer from Colorado, Anthony Walske from Manchester, England and a CIT.

Parker and his friend Tucker Marr along with 2 other friends.
This was the day we dropped him off.

Jon, Parker, Judy and Kyle (Notice Parker's Long Hair.)

Parker with his counselor, Ben Kamisar from Connecticut.

This Tucker Marr and Parker when we came to pick him up.
The counselors under Kyle's direction gave Parker a buzz cut at 3:00 am.

Tucker Marr and Parker with their fan club.

Photo of the camp taken from the lodge.

One of the activuities Parker took this summer was woodshop and he built an adrondack chair.

Kyle with his cabin mates, Andy and Anthony at the end of the summer.

The beach

The first time this year that all 3 of the boys have been together. We fionally got a family photo taken. (Dairy Queen better pay us for the endorsement.)

Brenden (Back row, far right) and the boys staff during the week he was there.

All three hate to leave the camp.