Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trip to Camp Coniston!

On July 22nd, we took Parker up to Camp for a month stay.  He is a CIT this summer and will get to hike Mount Washington.  Since Brenden was home - we took him with.

Eliza saying goodbye to Parker!

Boys Waterfront

Parker with Kevin Dober!

Brenden, Kyle & Riley Clark-Long

John McNair & Brenden

Kyle, Josh Bates & Kyle Leahy

Dylan Lustig, the CIT Director and Parker

Parker Sighted at Camp!

Parker playing basketball!

Monday, July 30, 2012

More Sightings of Kyle at Camp Consiton!

Kyle with Campers!

Josh Bates, Josh Adler, Jen Evans, Kyle Olson, Matt Comstock & Kyle Leahy

Ana Barlowe, Cassie Short, Emily Benson, Jen Evans, Kyle Olson, Josh Bates & Michelle Tarkulich

Cassie Short, Kyle Leahy, Ana Barlowe, Amelia Piazza, Matt Comstock, Michelle Tarkulich, Kyle Olson, Emily Benson, Jen Evans, Josh Adler, Ally Maass & Josh Bates

Josh Bates, Josh Adler, Kyle Olson, Matt Comstock, & Kyle Leahy


Kyle Olson, Matt Comstock & Kyle Leahy

Julie Olson gets an Award!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brothers of the Sun Concert

Brenden sent me these photos.  He took Dani to the concert for her birthday!  The Brothers of the Sun Concert featured Kenny Chesney and Tim Mcgraw.  He said it was the first concert at Target Field.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recent Sightings of the 3 Boys!

Parkre with Eliza at Cape Cod!

Parker with ???

Parker fishing at Cape Cod!

No clue what Brenden is aimimg at.

Parker diving!

Kyle making a sand castle.

Parker with Lifeguards at Gath Pool.

Kyle as Snow White at Camp Coniston!