Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Birthdays!

Four Birthdays in March!

Mackenzie Olson will be 23 on March 11th!

On March 12th, Kay Seela will be 63!

Patti Frontczak turns 57 on March 14. (I need more photos)

And the last birthday in March is Barb Olson's. She turns 64 on March 23rd.

Jackie Gets a Wig!

Most of you know that Jackie has breast cancer. She started to lose her hair due to the treatments and decided to get rid of it all. She sent me these pictures.

Jackie before the hair cut.

Jackie getting her hair cut.

Jackie all cut.

Jerry shaving her head.

Jackie trying on wigs. I think she should get pink one!

Bottling the Beer!

On Feb. 13th we bottled the beer we had made two weeks earlier. If you have never done it - you should try it - it was a blast. We plan on doing it again soon. If you stop out here - you can try it out. We ended up with 6 cases.

We all took turns washing the bottles, filling the bottles, capping them and putting on the labels.

The finished product:

Bee's Honey Porter

Mother's Milk - An Amber Ale

Burnt Island Bitter Brew- A Bitter Ale

Louie, Lisa, Judy, Cynthia, Michael, Gianna & Jon

Debbie's 60th Birthday!

Debbie Sundblad celebrated her 60th birthday on Feb. 7th and received these flowers from her siblings.
Thanks go to Lori for sending them.

Even Will Brookins was cheering for the Pats!

Carrie sent me this picture of Will wearing the #12 jersey for the Superbowl game.
For all of you non-Pats fans - that would be Tom Brady's.