Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Birthdays!

July is big month for Birthdays - eight of them and three of them are Golden!

Elizabeth will be 13 on July 13th the first of the Golden Birthdays.

Katie Knott turns 31 on July 16th!

Joseph Huss, (Robert's son) has the next Golden Birthday. He will be 16 on July 16th.

Jack Korzenowski will be 18 on July 19th.

Paula Hansen will be 56 on July 20th.

Brenden Olson is the third of the Golden Birthdays and he turns 21 on July 21st. He is looking forward to his first taste of beer!

Robert Huss will be 45 on July 25th.

Deb Edwards turns 51 on July 29th.

Kyle gets a Mohawk!

Kyle surprised us yesterday with this photo of his new haircut that he and several other counselors at camp got!
Judy loves it!
Hopefully it will grow out before his Senior photos are taken in August.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Steph Summers and Craig Hatfield Wedding!

My cousin Sandy's son Craig got married this last weekend to Steph Sommers and I thought I would share with you some of the fun photos taken of the relatives who attended. They had a photo booth set up and you could get your picture taken.

The Bride and Groom - Steph and Craig Hatfield

The Bridesmaids with the Bride!

The Groomsmen with the Groom!

Jim and Paula Hansen

Janet Koglin and Roger Wolden

Cousins - Mackenzie Olson, Parker Olson and Katie Knott

Cousins - Derek Olson and Parker Olson

Mike Olson, Derek Olson, Mackenzie Olson and Deb Edwards

Jerry Sypnieski and Lori Wilson

Mary & Denny Mahoney and Linda Dorff

Jon Olson Parker Olson, Brenden Olson and Judy Korzenowski

Art and Janet Koglin

Jamie and Mike Hansen

Jackie and Jerry Sypnieski

Richard and Debbie Sundblad

Parents of the Groom, Chuck and Sandy Hatfield

The Groom's sister, Carrie and her husband Bret with their two kids Brady and Wil.

Brothers - Brenden and Parker Olson

Jerry Synieski and Barb Olson

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Midnight run to White Castle!

Parker and his Aunt Melissa chowing down a bag of 16 burgers!
Yes - they ate them all!

Surprise Party for Elizabeth Korzenowski!

Anastasia Korzenowski threw a Surprise Party for her sister, Elizabeth's golden birthday on June 26th. Elizabeth will be 13 on July 13th.

Katie Korzenowski with Elizabeth and Anastasia.

Cousins - Parker Olson and Elizabeth Korzenowski

Mother and Son - Jack and Melissa Korzenowski enjoying the party.
Parker and his cousin Gabe Korzenowski on the Hammock!

Judy goes home!

Judy visited her old home - 2250 Wilson Street in Minneapolis.

Judy and her Aunt Wanda!

We went to visit Judy's Aunt Wanda Perusse while we were in Minneapolis. She is the older sister of Judy's Mom Barb. She is recovering from a stroke.

While there, we came across these two photos of Wanda!
Wanda and her husband Don.
Unknown, Tommy Perusse, Donny Perusse, Don Perusse & Wanda Perusse

Kyle off to Camp!

Judy and I dropped Kyle off at Camp on June 23rd. He will be up there all summer as a LIT. (Leader in Training)

Jack Korzenowski Graduates!

Jack Korzenowski graduated from Armstrong High School on June 4th. He plans on joining his cousin Brenden at the University of Minnesota this fall.

Jack and his proud Mother, Melissa.
Grandmother, Barb Korzenowski and her two grandsons, Jack Korzenowski and Brenden Olson.
Rumor has it that Grandma Barb fell out of her chair during Jack's graduation ceremony.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jerry Sypnieski gets a "Hole in One"!

Yes it is true! Jerry Sypnieski got a Hole in One on Sunday, June 7th on the 16th hole at the Kilkarney Hills Golf Club in River Falls, Wisconsin. The hole was 161 yards and a par 3. He was there playing in the Union Pacific Golf Tournament.

Jerry retrieving his prize ball!
Jerry with his golfing buddies!

Parker's Baseball Team Wins Championship Game!

The 2009 Newton Senior Youth Baseball Champions!
Parker got two hits and they won the game 9 to 2 on Saturday, June 6th.
Parker getting his trophy from the coach and commissioner.

Visit to see Marcus Sundblad!

Debbie Sundblad sent me these photos from her visit to see her grandson, Marcus, May 15th.

Close up of Marcus

Marcus with Mom and Dad (Tina and Mark)

Rough housing with Dad!

Marcus with Aunt Barb!

Marcus playing with his tools.