Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July Birthdays!

July is big month for Birthdays - eight of them and three of them are Golden!

Elizabeth will be 13 on July 13th the first of the Golden Birthdays.

Katie Knott turns 31 on July 16th!

Joseph Huss, (Robert's son) has the next Golden Birthday. He will be 16 on July 16th.

Jack Korzenowski will be 18 on July 19th.

Paula Hansen will be 56 on July 20th.

Brenden Olson is the third of the Golden Birthdays and he turns 21 on July 21st. He is looking forward to his first taste of beer!

Robert Huss will be 45 on July 25th.

Deb Edwards turns 51 on July 29th.

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