Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Birthdays!

Eight birthdays in June!

Beatrice Huss will be 81 on June 6th!

Guess who turns the "Big 60" on June 10th - Jim Hansen!

Another June 10th birthday - Gabe Korzenowski. He turns 8.

Sandi Frontczak will be 35 on June 21st.

June 22nd is the 31st birthday of Mark Sundblad.

MacKensie Mahoney turns 24 on June 23rd.

On June 25th, Cari Bennent will be 29. (Please send photo.)

And the last birthday of June is Molly Mahoney. She will be 19 on June 30th.

Memorial Day Weekend out East!

We finally got the warm weather for the long weekend out here in New England.

Parker went to Nantucket with his friends Kevin Dober and Tucker Marr. I wonder if he ran into the "Man from Nantucket."

The three boys playing in the beach.

Judy, Kyle and I went to Crane's Beach on Sunday.

And that evening walked to Union Street and ate outside.

What did you do?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trip to South Haven, Michigan!

Judy and I got invited to a Joe Skuza and June Skoropowski wedding in South Haven, Michigan and decide to go. After I figured out where it was - I emailed my Aunt Beatrice Huss to see if we could meet up with her as she was only about 50 miles away. We ended up meeting up with her and my cousins, Robert, Linda and Patti. The last time I saw Beatrice was 15 years ago.

South Haven, Michigan - Blueberry Capital of the World!

The famous Lighthouse Sunset!

The famous Clementine's Restaurant!

Group Photo outside Clementines!
Jon, Beatrice, Judy, Patti, Linda, Robert and his wife Amy

Sherman's Ice Cream - The groom, Joe Skuza's grandfather started it!

Judy and Jon outside Church. Notice Lighthouse in the distance on the right side.

Bambi Resort to Two Inlets Resort!

My cousin Sandy sent me these photos of her recent trip to see Bambi and our new resort Two Inlets.

I thought I would include one of the first photos I have of our 26 years of going to Bambi. That is Chuck, Sandy, Judy and I in the bar at the lodge drinking at 10:00 in the morning in July, 1985.

Bambi today without Mike & Deb's Cabin # 3.

Cabin, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Gone.

Cabins 1, 2 & 3 gone.

The back cabins now painted beige!

The new View!

The new resort - Two Inlets!

The Office

Cabin 0 - The Hatfields will be staying here.

Cabin 1 and Cabin 0. We will be in Cabin 1.

The Buck Stop - Party Central for Saturday Night, August 27.

Not big - so get there early!

Parker & Lacrosse!

Parker has had fun this year playing Lacrosse!

Guess who # 20 is?

Parker with his friend Kevin Dober ran into a Camp Counselor from Camp Coniston at a Lacrosse Game!

Who is in the birdhouse?

My brother-in-law, Jerry Sypnieski sent me these photos of his birdhouse.

After looking at them, I emailed him asking him how the mouse got in it. He replied that it was not a mouse but a flying squirrel.

Jackie Sypnieski walks in the "2011 Walk for the Cure" in Minneapolis!

My sister Jackie Sypnieski sent me these photos of her walk in the "2011 Walk for the Cure" in Minneapolis that took place in early May.

The lady in pink!

Jerry with the 3 woman walkers!

Mother's Day!

My cousin Sandy sent me these photos taken on Mother's Day!

Carrie with her two boys, Brady and Will!

Grandmother Sandy with her grandchildren Will and Brady!

Easter at the Hatfields & Brookins!

My cousin, Sandy sent me these photos of Brenden spending Easter with the Hatfields and Brookins!

Brett, Brady, Will, Carrie, Brenden, Sandy and Chuck at church on Easter!

Brenden with Chuck, Sandyy, Brady and Will.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Birthdays!

Only three Birthdays in May!

Steph Hatfield turns 33 on May 2nd.

Matt Knott (Skiing in Montana) will be the big "30" on May 4th.

On May 7th, Jerry Moen turns 58.