Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trip to South Haven, Michigan!

Judy and I got invited to a Joe Skuza and June Skoropowski wedding in South Haven, Michigan and decide to go. After I figured out where it was - I emailed my Aunt Beatrice Huss to see if we could meet up with her as she was only about 50 miles away. We ended up meeting up with her and my cousins, Robert, Linda and Patti. The last time I saw Beatrice was 15 years ago.

South Haven, Michigan - Blueberry Capital of the World!

The famous Lighthouse Sunset!

The famous Clementine's Restaurant!

Group Photo outside Clementines!
Jon, Beatrice, Judy, Patti, Linda, Robert and his wife Amy

Sherman's Ice Cream - The groom, Joe Skuza's grandfather started it!

Judy and Jon outside Church. Notice Lighthouse in the distance on the right side.

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