Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Judy at Century 21!

Judy was in a Century 21 Ad - for being athe Pacesetter Gold Level for Century 21.

Kyle's last meal before heading back to Purdue!

We took Kyle out for his last meal Jerry Remy's on the waterfront on August 23 before heads to Purdue.
His new address is:

Kyle Olson
Delta Tau Delta
400 Northwestern Avenue
West Layfayette, IN 47906

Another Great Beach Day at Good Harbor!

On Sunday, August 21, we went to Good Harbor beach with Parker's friend, Kevin Dober. The waves for great boogie boarding. Hopefully it won't be our last visit to the beach this year.

Kevin Dober and Parker

More Photos from Camp Coniston!

We picked Parker up from Camp Coniston on August 20th.

Parker with his Counselors, Josh Bates and Dylan Lustig.

Parker with friensd from camp.

Parker and his camper friend.

Parker's Cabin Photo!

Kyle's Cabin Photos

Patti Frontczak visits New England!

So I get a call from my cousin Patti Frontczak that she and some of her friends are flying into Boston on their way to Maine. I agree to meet with them on August 5th and play tour guide. We spent the afternoon and evening taking a duck boat tour, visiting the Sam Adams Brewery, having Oysters at the Union Oyster House, walking through Quincy Market, seeing a festival parade and having dinner in the North End. A good time was had by all.

Jon and Patti at the Sam Adams Brewery.

The group outside the brewery.

Lynn and Thom Lawrence, Luann and Dave Scott and Patti Frontcak

Eating Italian in the North End!

At the Festival!

This is the only photo Patti sent me of them in Maine! It looks nice.
Patti Frontczak, Dave and Luann Scott & Lynn and Tom Lawrence

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brenden is moving to Cavalier, North Dakota!

Yes, Brenden is moving to Cavalier, North Dakota for his next 6 months stint with CHS starting September 1st.
His new address will be:
305 Valley Street East
Apt. #4
Cavalier. ND 58220

92 year old, Mary Guenther of the Cavalier Thrift Shop can hardly wait for Brenden to arrive!

Photos of Kyle from Camp!

The following are photos of Kyle at Camp Coniston taken from their website or from his friends.

Kyle with one of his campers from session three.

Kyle on stage!

Kyle teaching some girls how to jump off the raft!

Kyle with Jen Evans Evans in their Ray Bans!

The two Kyles found a Sail in the Lake.

Kyle with ?, Josh Bates and Ben Kamisar

Kyle with the tribe!

All the Junior Staff and Campers from session four. Kyle is the one in the cowboy hat.

Matt Comstock and Kyle singing at Camp!

Matt Comstock, Kyle, Ken Sneider and Ben Kamisar

Kyle playing Chicken!

Dropping off Parker at Camp Coniston!

We dropped Parker off at Camp on August 7th. He will be there for two weeks.

Parker with one his counselors, Dylan Lustig.

Dylan used to carry Parker on his back when Parker was younger. Not anymore.

Kyle with his cabin mates: Riley Clark-Long, Greg Jones and a CIT.

Parker with a Camper.

The family minus Brenden.

Brenden and Aunt Karen!

Karen Martineau was in Minneapolis in July for a class reunion and Brenden got to see her. Or Brenden found a Cougar!

Brenden Canoeing in the BWCA!

Brenden sent me these photos of his canoe trip the Boundary Waters with his friend Thomas Walthour, (Thomas was a SAE brother at the U of M).

They put in at Pickett Lake / Mudro Access or the more famous "Chainsaw Sisters Saloon" Access.

This is a picture what the Saloon used to look like. It was sold and torn down.

This was it looks like now.

Thomas starting the trip - waiting for Brenden to push the canoe.

Brenden at one of the camp sites.

Brenden with birch bark mask!

Brenden attempting to fish.

Brenden at water's edge.

Sunset! Mosquitoes getting ready to bite!

Brenden Posing for a Hamm's Beer Commercial.

Guess who caught all the fish? Thomas did.

Shooting the rapids!

Pictographs in the BWCA.

Enjoying the trip!