Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brenden Canoeing in the BWCA!

Brenden sent me these photos of his canoe trip the Boundary Waters with his friend Thomas Walthour, (Thomas was a SAE brother at the U of M).

They put in at Pickett Lake / Mudro Access or the more famous "Chainsaw Sisters Saloon" Access.

This is a picture what the Saloon used to look like. It was sold and torn down.

This was it looks like now.

Thomas starting the trip - waiting for Brenden to push the canoe.

Brenden at one of the camp sites.

Brenden with birch bark mask!

Brenden attempting to fish.

Brenden at water's edge.

Sunset! Mosquitoes getting ready to bite!

Brenden Posing for a Hamm's Beer Commercial.

Guess who caught all the fish? Thomas did.

Shooting the rapids!

Pictographs in the BWCA.

Enjoying the trip!

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