Monday, August 1, 2011

Judy and Parker in Minnesota!

Judy and Parker went to Minnesota, July 13-26 and left me all alone. Below are some pics she took along with some sent to me by Deb Edwards and Katie Korzenowski.

First stop was to visit her Aunt Wanda Perusse.

She got to see her brother Scott, who now has dogs.

Then she was off to Ely, Minnesota to her brother, Kyle's cabin on Fall Lake.

She was greeted by the "Man of Ely" wearing the traditional purple towel.

Judy reading to Kaz Korzenowski.

Parker with Kaz on the dock.

Anastasia and Kaz in the lake catching crawfish for dinner.

The kids on the dock.
Anastasia, Gabe, PArker and Elizabeth

Kaz getting ready to surf.

Mike and Deb took Judy and Parker to the Twins. Brenden and his girlfriend Dani joined them.

Judy with the Harmon Hillebrew Statue.

Parker and Mike with the same statue.

Judy, Parker and Mike enjoying the game. Where are the beers?

Dani and Brenden

The Cousins!

Elizabeth, Gabe, Jack, Anastasia, Brenden, Kaz and Parker

Parker and Kaz

Judy with the Korzenowski kids.

Judy with beer and Kyle with tongs.

They even taught Dani to play Ted's Game.

Judy even got to visit some of the people she used to work with at Harold's.
How she got Brenden to go there - I do not know.
She is with Nel Herridge.

Judy with all the gals from Harold's! Obviously white tops must be "in" for fashion in Minneapolis.

Back - Tracy O'Kane, Leslie Bush, No Clue, Lisa Thompson, Lucy Dodd, Denise Hertz

Sofa - Ellen Hertz, udy, Nel Herridge, Gretchen Gildner

Food for the gals!

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