Thursday, October 29, 2009

November Birthdays!

Lots of birthdays in November - eight of them!

We start out the birthdays with Karen Martineau who turns 47 on November 2nd.

Dave Powers will be the big 60 on November 11th.

Jean Knott turns 55 on November 18th.

Another November 18th birthday is celebrated by Denny Mahoney who turns 64. (Marybeth - Will you still love him when he turns 64?)

Marcus Sundblad turns 2 on November 19th.

Cathy Moen will be 58 on November 20th.

Melisse Martineau will be the big 10 on November 22nd.

On November 24th, Dan Wilson will be 59.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Derek Olson's soccer team headed back to State!

Deb Edwards sent the following:

Derek's team was having a pretty good season-about what we expected- after losing 13 seniors to graduation from last year's team. They've been putting it together for the playoffs, though, and it's been a great season. On Saturday, they won their Section Championship, earning a trip to the State Tournament. His team plays Wednesday night against the #1 seed, Totino Grace. Wish us luck!
There was a story on their win in Sunday's StarTribune:

Monday, October 19, 2009

4th of July on Lake Sallie!

My cousin, Linda Dorff sent me these photos from the 4th of July, boat parade on Lake Sallie.

The BOAT!!!!

They took first place!
Linda Dorff, Molly Mahoney, Don Dorff (in the back), Marybeth Mahoney, MacKenzie Mahoney and Denny Mahoney

The Cousins - Molly & MacKenzie Mahoney and Betsy Dorff
Now I know why they took first place - they set the dock up as a bar!
James Raymond and MacKenzie Mahoney getting ready to serve the judges.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More from Judy's Trip to Minnesota!

Below are the photos Judy took while she was visiting Brenden for the U of M Homecoming.

Judy in her Patriots jersey (she's gained a little weight) and Brenden in his Red Sox jersey. Both teams lost over the weekend.
A Goldie Gopher sign outside a frat house.

Scott Schofield (Brenden's roommate), his Mom Ann, Judy, Brenden and Melissa.
Ann and Judy were sorority sisters (Pi Phi) at the U.

Melissa and Judy enjoying the warm weather.

Judy and Brenden took in the Twins / Yankees game. The Twinkees lost.

Judy with Chuck and Sandy Hatfield.

Sandy and her grandson Wil Brookins.

Judy with Carrie Brookins and Jeanine Hatfield.

Brady Brookins

Amber (the dog) watching over the Kyle Korzenowski household.

Judy and her nephew, Kaz!

Back - Elizabeth
Sofa - Gabe, Anastasia and Judy holding Kaz.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Judy getting ready for U of M game!

Judy enjoying at brewski at 10:00 am before the Minnesota - Purdue game.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old Detroit Lakes Photos and Post Cards!

Greetings from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota!
Below is a collection of old photos and postcards from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota!

Looks like Walt Olson! Also looks like the spot where Mike and Lena lived on the lake.

Sandy Hatfield sitting in a chair at the Tom Thumb Court!

The circus comes to town!

This is where we banked. Our neighbor George Maruska worked there.

Both Walt and Bernice worked here.

Washington Avenue

Walt went to High School here and I went to Junior High here.

Holy Rosary Church, where we all went to church - or at least told Bernice that we went.

The beach - where we all learned how to swim.

The old court house - I have no clue where this was.

More of Washington Avenue

The Pavilion on Detroit Lake, where we all learned to dance.

Sandy Hatfield taking a photo of the Pavilion. (Notice her cute cheeks!)

The hospital where we were all born.

Bunnell's Bar (Right Side) - where Walt spent many evenings!

Older photo of Bunnell's.

Graystone Hotel - Barb worked there after it was turned into offices.

Clem's Dock - They had the best pop corn.

Washington Avenue

The area in front of the bath house. We used to go here every day in the summer to take swim lessons.

The Park Hotel

Can you spot my cousin Sandy Hatfield.

The camp grounds near the American Legion.

One of the thousand "Breezy Shores" resorts in Minnesota.

Park Hotel again.

Fairyland Cabins - Check out the Movie "Vacation" with Chevy Chase. A photo of this resort is in the opening.

Never saw these structures.

Washington Avenue - Detroit Lakes - 1955.

Washington Avenue

The old high school / junior high.

And yet another picture of the Park Hotel.

More of Washington Avenue
Proctor Hotel - they had the best glazed donuts. I use to sell my lunch tickets and go down here for a couple of donuts.

This is where I went to kindergarten.

If you have any old photos of Detroit Lakes - send them to me.