Friday, October 16, 2009

More from Judy's Trip to Minnesota!

Below are the photos Judy took while she was visiting Brenden for the U of M Homecoming.

Judy in her Patriots jersey (she's gained a little weight) and Brenden in his Red Sox jersey. Both teams lost over the weekend.
A Goldie Gopher sign outside a frat house.

Scott Schofield (Brenden's roommate), his Mom Ann, Judy, Brenden and Melissa.
Ann and Judy were sorority sisters (Pi Phi) at the U.

Melissa and Judy enjoying the warm weather.

Judy and Brenden took in the Twins / Yankees game. The Twinkees lost.

Judy with Chuck and Sandy Hatfield.

Sandy and her grandson Wil Brookins.

Judy with Carrie Brookins and Jeanine Hatfield.

Brady Brookins

Amber (the dog) watching over the Kyle Korzenowski household.

Judy and her nephew, Kaz!

Back - Elizabeth
Sofa - Gabe, Anastasia and Judy holding Kaz.

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