Friday, September 3, 2010

Camp Coniston this Summer!

Finally getting around to posting pictures from this summer. The following are photos of the kids at camp. Kyle worked there as a counselor all summer, Parker attended the fourth session for two weeks as a camper and Brenden got asked to work a week while he was out back east.
The girl's water front.

Kyle (I think this one was taken at camp.)

Kyle with a bunch of counselors.

I will let you guess which one is Kyle. Hint - he has a wetsuit on.

Kyle with his cabin mates - Any Shafer from Colorado, Anthony Walske from Manchester, England and a CIT.

Parker and his friend Tucker Marr along with 2 other friends.
This was the day we dropped him off.

Jon, Parker, Judy and Kyle (Notice Parker's Long Hair.)

Parker with his counselor, Ben Kamisar from Connecticut.

This Tucker Marr and Parker when we came to pick him up.
The counselors under Kyle's direction gave Parker a buzz cut at 3:00 am.

Tucker Marr and Parker with their fan club.

Photo of the camp taken from the lodge.

One of the activuities Parker took this summer was woodshop and he built an adrondack chair.

Kyle with his cabin mates, Andy and Anthony at the end of the summer.

The beach

The first time this year that all 3 of the boys have been together. We fionally got a family photo taken. (Dairy Queen better pay us for the endorsement.)

Brenden (Back row, far right) and the boys staff during the week he was there.

All three hate to leave the camp.

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