Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Birthdays!

Eight Birthdays in April!

We start out with the first of the four on April 13th, Barb Korzenowski who turns 82!

The 2nd one on April 13th, is her daughter and my wife, Judy Korzenowski, who turns 55!

And the 3rd birthday on April 13th is Derek Olson who turns 20!

And the fourth April 13th Birthday is Tina Volden. She will be 30!

Scott Korzenowski will be 51 on April 17th!

On April 22nd, Chuck Hatfield turns 67!

The dashing guy in the above photo turns 54 on April 24th!

And the last birthday in April belongs to Anastasia Korzenowski who turns 13 on April 27th!

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