Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Birthdays!

Lots of Birthdays in April! Three on April 13th!

Derek Olson turns 17 on April 13th! His waterskiing has improved greatly since this photo was taken.

Yes - Judy Korzenowski does own a mink coat!
She will be 52 on April 13th.

Barb Korzenowski enjoying Florida. She turns 79 on April 13th.

Scott Korzenowski opening presents at his 5th birthday party. He turns 49 on April 17th.

Chuck Hatfield with his famous hat at Bambi. I wonder what ever happened to it?
Chuck will be 64 on April 22nd.

Mike Olson turns 51 on April 24th.

Anastasia Korzenowski celebrates the big "10" birthday on April 27th.

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