Thursday, January 31, 2008

Super Bowl XL II

Are you as excited as Judy is that the Patriots are once again in the Super Bowl - probably not but you should be. The Patriots have many connections to other parts of the US - Michigan, Minnesota, Florida and New York. I know - I know - there is no connection to Colorado - so I guess Julie, Kay and Paula will not be cheering for the Pats. But the rest of you should!

See - Tom Brady is a New York Yankees Fan!

Laurence Maroney played at the University of Minnesota!

Tom Brady was a quarterback at the University of Michigan.

You all know where Randy Moss played most of his career!

Wes played for the Miami Dolphins! - So come on Karen and Scott - cheer for us.

Yes - Judy was excited about us being 18-0.

Judy did get to meet Tom recently. Watch out Gisele Bundchen. Should I be worried?

This is the photo I sent the Ellen show. She is sending a Pats fan to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately she did not pick Judy.

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