Friday, June 24, 2011

Camp Coniston Celebrates 100th Anniversary!

Camp Coniston held a 100th Anniversary Celebration June 17-19.
Brenden camp back for it.

The Camp!

The Boys Waterfront.

Kyle, Parker and Brenden

Possible Christmas Photo!

Brenden with his old crew!
Brenden, Katie Arnold, Tommy Tessier, Jillian Lenson, Katie Schmidt & Kevin Cooper-Smith

Tommy, Coop and Brenden

Coop, Tommy, Jacquie and Brenden

Kyle having to work the climbing tower.

Brenden, Coop & Tommy sailing.

Judy and Parker Sailing!

Jon and Judy Sailing.

Brenden with other camp alumni.

Another possible Christmas Photo.

The two Kyle Counselors at Camp Coniston!

Parker and Judy

As we were leaving camp - we came across this snapping turtle.

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