Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Championship in Boston!

It has been a fun time out here in Boston. No one out here thought the Bruins would win the Stanley Cup - but they did. The last time they won - was 1972. Brenden and Kyle in their travels - always tell us that everyone hates Boston because they win all the time. And I guess that is true. In the last seven years we have won the Superbowl, the World Series, The NBA Champoionship and the Stanley Cup.

The last time we had won was 1972 with the help of this man, Bobby Orr, who now has a statue!

During the palyoffs, the city decorated all the major Statues in Bruins jerseys.

Here are the Ducks from "Make Way for Ducklings".

George Washington Statue in the Boston Commons

The State House!

Paul Revere Statue

Downtown Boston

Driving the Stanley Cup around the North End in a Stroller.

Boston always hold a parade when we win a championship. The Bruins parade was the largest one yet - over 1.5 million people showed up.

The next day they paraded the Bruins at a Red Sox Game.

The Bruins throw out the first pitch!

Judy even let me get a few tatoos!

Judy even got into watching the Bruins and would get dressed up to watch every game!

Jack and Melissa Korzenowski came out for the parade and got in the spirit!

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