Monday, November 17, 2008

Kay, Jackie, Julie & Katie in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Kay Seela and Mike Blair sent me these photos of their trip this fall to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with other Olson family members.

Katie Knott, Kay Seela, Julie Olson, Jackie Sypnieski and a "Teddy Bear."

Julie & Jackie

Mike Blair kissing a parrot!

Dani (a friend of Katie's) and Katie enjoying the warm weather.

Julie on a sailboat!

Mike Blair and Julie enjoying a couple of brews.

Jackie & Jerry Sypnieski feeling no pain.

Jerry on a nude beach getting hosed down.

So how many Margaritas do you think they had?

The girls all dressed up!

Katie Knott, Mike Blair, Julie Olson, Jerry & Jackie Sypnieski and Kay & Glen Seela.

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