Friday, June 20, 2008

More Father Day Pictures!

I came across a few more great pictures of kids and their fathers and decided that they were too good to pass up. (If you see where I did not list a name - it is because I either don't have it or don't remember it. If you send me the name - I will update the info.)

Mackenzie Olson with her dad, Mike.

Mike Blair with his sons, Stan & Kordell!

Chuck Hatfield with his son Craig.

Mike Knott with Matt & Katie.

Michael Hansen with his Dad at Bambi.

Katie Korzenowski with her Dad!

Mark Sundblad with his Dad, Richard at Bambi.

Ted Korzenowski with his daughter, Karen.

Jon enjoying a cold one with Brenden at Bambi Resort, on Big Toad Lake in Osage, Minnesota.

Glen Seela with his kids!

Ted with Karen, Kyle & Scott.

Jim Martineau with his son, Scott!

David with his Dad, Dave.

This is one of my favotite photos!
Ted enjoying a cold one with Karen, Scott & Kyle.

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