Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Old Photos - Finally!

I finally got around to putting up more old photos.

Chub Wolden, Mike Olson and Walt Olson with their prize geese!

Cousins - Barb, Sandy, Paula, Linda, Marybeth & Cathy

Mike Olson with his Godmother and Great Aunt, Mary Jones at his First Communion.

Walt Olson and Mike Godsey

Barb and Ted Korzenowski!

Judy's Grand Parents, John and Anastasia Korzenowski with her cousins and Aunt.

Debbie Sundblad's First Communion with her Godparents, Clarence & Katy Ruether.

A Bambi Group Photo!

The Korzenowski Men!
Frank, Stan, Ray, Ted, John, Walter, Pete, Eddie & Joe

Brenden, Parker & Kyle in Palm Springs.

Disneyland in 2004!
Paris, Parker, Melisse, Karen, Kyle, Brenden, Barb, Jon & Judy

Barb Korzenowski enjoying a cold one.

Ted, Barb, Kyle, Jon, Judy, Karen, Paris, Katie, Elizabeth & Kyle at Bambi!

Dinner at Bambi!

1981 Group in Bernice's backyard!

Paula getting ready for Confirmation.

Olson relatives at Bambi!

Korzenowski Family at Bambi!

Jamie Hansen and Mark Sundblad drinking juice in 1983!

Cousins at Bambi!

Kay and her HOT Prom date!

Olson cousins again at Bambi!

Barb's Surprise Birthday Party at the Northern Inn.

Bernice, Lori, Julie and Jon in Thunder Bay in 1980!

Judy, Annie, Debbie, Jackie, Derek & Jerry at Christmas Lake in 1994.

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