Saturday, August 29, 2009

September Birthdays!

Well I lied in my email that there were only four birthdays in September, there are actually seven. I got three more after my cousin, Linda Dorff (Wolden) gave me them. Of course one of them is her's.

Linda Dorff will be 48 on Spetember 5th.

Her sister, Marybeth Mahoney will be 54 on September 6th.

Melissa Korzenowski will be 45 on September 7th. She likes lots of gifts!
Don Dorff (I have no photos) will be 51 on September 9th.

Hard to believe that Brady Brookins will be 4 on September 10th.
(Notice that they they now restrain him when they give him candy.)

Richard Sundblad will be 64 on September 18th.

Newlywed Craig Hatfield will be 31 on September 21.

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