Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 2007 Trip to Minnesota!

Judy and I traveled to Minneapolis on Friday, Oct. 12th
to see Brenden at the University of Minnesota!

A trip to the Corn Maze with Kyle, Katie, Elizabeth, Anastasia & Gabe!

Judy, Brenden & Jon!

Anastasia, Gabe & Elizabeth


Katie & Kyle!

Anastasia, Elizabeth, Brenden & Gabe in a bed of Corn!

Olson Kids - Deb, Jackie, Lori & Jon!

Cousins - Tom, Ann & Brenden!

Outlaws! - Dan, Jerry & Richard

Brothers - Jon & Mike

At Sandy Hatfield's House!
Carrie, Brady, Sandy, Brenden, Craig, Chuck & Jon!

Sandy, Brenden & Brady!

Sandy, Jon & Brady!

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