Monday, September 8, 2008

The Plaid Sport Coat!

So back in 1974 - I had to buy a Sport Coat to wear to my sister Debbie's wedding and drove up to Fargo to West Acres Mall and bought a "hip" coat at the Young America store.

Yes - that is me in the back with all the hair (wish I had it now.)

10 years later - celebrating both Paula & Deb's 10th Anniversary (They got married a week apart.) I still fit in the jacket.
For some reason - I never got rid of it and when Brenden was looking for "fun" clothes to bring to camp this summer - I gave it to him. Well his brother Kyle who was a CIT this summer at the camp - borrowed it. Looks good in him - don't you think! (The t-shirt he has on (with kittens) he got this summer in Park Rapids.) And the story continues -- Brenden brought it back to school at the University of Minnesota.

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