Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Pictures from the Past!

I came across some more old Halloween photos which I never posted last year!

Deb Edwards and Mackenzie Olson!

That's Katie Knott in the middle. As for the other two - if you know send me an email.

David and Barb Olson!

The Hansens! Jamie, Jim and Michael

I believe this is Jamie Hansen!

Craig & Carrie Hatfield (Brookins) with Jamie Hansen as the Tiger!
Don't you love Craig's moustache!

Karen and Scott Martineau in their normal attire!

Paris Martineau with 3 pumpkins!

Karen and Scott Martneau

Melisee and Paris Martineau wearing Karen's makeup.

Brenden Olson with "Pick Me" tshirt. Hopefully he got picked.

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