Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Christmas Photos!

Below are some more Christmas related photos I came across.

Walt at either our house or Mike & Mabel's - not sure.

Barry and Barb Korzenowski - 1956

Scott Korzenowski with a G.I. Joe!

Katie Korzenowski (the baby) with her sisters and brother!

Kyle Korzenowski skiing!

Katie Korzenowski

Jack Korzenowski with Santa!

Drinking in Minnesota starts at an early age!
Jamie Hansen, Matt Knott, Katie Knott and Mark Sundblad

Bernice getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Mark Sunblad, Jamie Hansen & Tom Sundblad

Mark & Tom Sundblad

Guess who is Santa?

Jamie Hansen with Santa!

David & Barb Olson

Jamie & Mike Hansen with Mickey!

Brenden with Barb & Ted Korzenowski - 1989

Bernice opening a Christmas Gift!

Debbie, Jackie & Judy - The day before Annie Sundblad was born!
December 24, 1986

Barb Olson with Brenden! 1988

Deb Edwards with one of her favorite gifts!

Jackie Sypnieski, Brenden & Bernice - 1988

Jon, Brenden & Judy! Christmas 1988

Brenden & Barb Olson - 1988

Katie Knott with Brenden - 1988

Christmas - Palm Springs - 1990
Brenden, Karen Martineau, Kyle Korzenowski, Barb Korzenowski, Judy Korzenowski, Ted Korzenowski & Scott Korzenowski

Bowling Christmas Eve in Palm Springs!
Scott Martineau, Karen Martineau, Melissa Korzenowski, Scott Korzenowski, Kyle Korzenowski, Ted Korzenowski, Barb Korzenowski holding Brenden, Judy Korzenowski & Jon Olson with Beer!

Brenden with the "Blue" Christmas Tree in Palm Springs - 1990

Brenden & Judy Christmas Morning - 1990

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