Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best Christmas Gifts!

Every year someone gets that special gift! This year both Judy and Kyle got gifts that they have not been able to take off!

All year long, the boys and I have heard Judy ranting about how much she wanted a Snuggie for Christmas. So Brenden got her a Patriots one. She has been wearing it everywhere - shopping, working and even to Starbucks!

Kyle on the other hand wanted some pajamas with feet! So Brenden surprised him with pajamas. Yes - he does wear them to bed. He wears them along with his green Snuggie.
As for the rest of us - Parker got a red Snuggie, Brenden a U of Minnesota one (although it did not arrive in time for Christmas - they probably had a run on them in Minnesota) and I was the only one who did not get one. And no - I do not want one either!

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