Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Birthdays!

Nine birthdays in July!

Elizabeth Korzenowski turns 14 on July 13th.

Katie Knott dancing at my wedding will be 32 on July 16th.

Joeseph Huss will be 17 on July 16th also. I wonder what he was doing at Hooters?

On July 19th, Jack Korzenowski will be 19.

Paula Hansen will be 57 on July 20th!

Nothing has changed! Brenden will be 22 on July 21.

On July 25th, Robert Huss will be 46.

Ms. Deb Edwards will be 52 on July 29th.

And the last birthday of July goes to Kaz Korzenowski who will turn 1 on July 30th.

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