Monday, August 2, 2010

August Birthdays!

Nine birthdays this month!

Brittney Blair turns 10 on August 3rd.

Bret Brookins will be 36 years old on August 5th.

One of the first photos of Sandy Hatfield at Bambi. She turns 64 on August 10th.

Will Brookins with broken arm will be 2 on August 16th.

Carrie Brookins shares the same brithday as her son and will be 35 on August 16th.

Mike Blair will 66 on August 23rd.

Michel Huss will 13 on August 28.

Linda Huss will be 57 on August 30th.

And the last birthday of August goes to Glen Seela who will be 67 on August 31st.

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