Friday, April 1, 2011

April Birthdays!

Lots of Birthdays in April - eight of them!

Starting off the April birthdays, is my favorite Mother-in-law, Barb Korzenowski. She turns 81 on April 13th.

Celebrating her birthday with her Mom, is Judy Korzenowski who will be 54 on April 13th.

Also celebrating their birthday on April 13th is Derek Olson. He will be 19.

Tina Volden will be 29 on April 14th.

On April 17th, Scott Korzenowski turns 51.

Chuck Hatfield will be celebrating his 66th birhday on April 22.

Water Skiing pro, Mike Olson will be 53 on April 24th.

And the last person having a person in April is Anastasia Korzenowski who will turn 12 on April 27.

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