Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Time is a time to spend with Friends and Family!

Below are some photos of the activities we had spending time the boys and friends

Kyle went up to Camp Coniston for their annual Christmas get together for staff. Can you find him?

And on Dec. 26th, Tommy, Katie and Jacquie, fellow CITs with Brenden came by to visit.

On Dec. 22, we had dinner with our friend's kids from Australia, Edward and Eloise Andrews. They were spending Christmas in Boston.

On Dec. 23rd we had dinner with our friends the Norbergs and Mitchells.

Christmas eve before the storm.

All ready with our Ugly Christmas Sweaters. (Actually mine was not.)

The Christmas eve group with their "Ugly" Christmas Sweaters.

It wa sthe second year that we have had the Lewis and Berkeley/Peterson Familes over for Christmas Eve.

Jon, Parker, Rita Berkeley, Duncan Peterson, Sam Peterson, Julia Lewis and Chris Lewis

Front: Judy, Brenden, Kyle, Debbe Lewis and Pearl Lewis

Eating and drinking and having a good time. Debbe, Julia, Dunca (who also has a birthday on Christmas eve) Kyle and Chris

Jon, Sam and Rita

Brenden, Debbe and Julia

Chris, Pearl, Parker and Judy

Julia with her "Yankee Swap" gift.

Rita with her gift, "Jingle Jugs" which played the song "Tits & Beer".

And no - I was not the one who brought that gift.

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