Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barb and Sandy visit Massachusetts Part One!

Barb and Sandy came out to visit the first week in August.  Between Sandy and I - we took over 500 pictures.  You will have to visit Sandy, Barb or I to see all of them.  Below is part 1 of  many.

Sandy and Barb standing next to Duckboat!

Reflection of our boat!

Passing another duckboat on the Charles River.

Jon, Sandy and Barb in Duckboat.

Charles River


In Swanboat!

Viw of Fenway Park from Top of Prudential Building!

Trinity Church

Inside Boston Library

Barb and Sandy in center courtyard of Boston Library.

Some woman threw paint on this famous monument and they were cleaning it off when we came by.

Day Two - Whale Watching

Our Boat - The Aurora!

Boat Rides are bad for hair!

The boat's wake!

Sandy, Judy and Barb enjoying one of the many meals cooked by me!

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