Monday, February 25, 2013

Roger Wolden's 70th Birthday Party!

My cousin Roger Wolden had his 70th Birthday Party on Saturday, March 23rd.  My cousin Sandy sent me all of the pictures except for the last one which was taken by Betsy Dorff.

Roger Wolden

Roger with his two sisters, Linda Dorff and Marybeth Mahoney

Barb Olson talking to Mary Farley and her son Jay Huseby

Roger with Chuck Hatfield, Art Koglin, Janet Koglin, Marybeth Mahoney,
Ssandy Hatfield and Linda Dorff

The Wolden Family
Linda Dorff, Roger Wolden, Marybeth Mahoney
Cathy Moen

Jay Huseby, Mary Farley, Roger Wolden and Lars Huseby

Janet Koglin, Roger Wolden and Art Koglin

Dave Powers, Roger Wolden and Barb Olson

Craig & Steph Hatfield, Roger Wolden and Sandy & Chuck Hatfield

andThe Cousins
Janet Koglin, Mary Farley, Roger Wolden, Sandy Hatfield, Barb Olson
Marybeth Mahoney, Linda Dorff, Cathy Moen

The Cousin's Kids with Roger
Cari Bennett, Jay Huseby, Roger Wolden, Lars Huseby
Craig Hatfield, Betsy Dorff

Betsy Dorff and Barb Olson

"The 3 Crippled Stooges"
Denny Mahoney, Jerry Moen and Don Dorff

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