Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bambi Day Five!

How quickly things change. At 10:00 am, Brenden emailed me asking how the weather was. I replied that it was sunny and warm, which it was. Then around 3:30 - the rain came. By 4:30 it was sunny again. It was also the day that my cousin, Roger Wolden came to visit.

Brady Brookins and Parker Kayaking.

Jack and his friend Josh with the Potato Gun!

Sandy Hatfield and Barb Olson enjoying the sun!

Jack smoking a cigar with Josh. (Jack turned 18 on Sunday.)

Melissa getting the salad ready for dinner. Nice Bowls!

The rain at 3:30.

Judy had to curtail her sunbathing!

Chuck Hatfield, Bret Brookins, Mike Olson and Roger Wolden going fishing!

Chuck and Roger with the basket of fish!

The Cousins!
Back - Jon Olson, Sandy Hatfield & Mike Olson
Front - Roger Wolden & Barb Olson
Roger and Melissa talking about how the Red Sox are going to the World Series!

Cabin Four - our new home.
The community picnic table.
Wil enjoying his first Dilly Bar!
Every evening we get to enjoy the sunset!

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