Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tall Ships in Boston Harbor!

On Sunday, July 12th, we went to see the "Tall Ships" in Boston Harbor with Parker's friend Tucker Marr and his mom, Karen. The three adults took the harbor tour where as the the two boys decided to take "Codzilla". Needless to say - next time I am taking "Codzilla".

Judy, Parker and Jon

Judy, Parker, Tucker and Karen Marr

The Tall Ships!

They now have a "Duck" bus that does tours!

Notice the machine guns on the security boats.

Parker and Tucker getting ready to ride Codzilla!
Parker came back without his shirt. He traded it to a girl for a Gatorade.

They picked the seats in the back so they could get wet.
Notice the two girls dancing next to Parker and Tucker!

Codzilla! It does a 360 going full speed.

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